Family Golf Programs

Golf is a GREAT way for families to spend time together... even if not everyone in the family plays golf. The good news is that regardless of whether everyone in your family plays or most do not play, we can help. Here's a short list of some of the family-centered golf programs we offer: 

The Family Team Series

This is a great program for kids who are beginners or brand new to the game. It is designed for children ages 5-14 of all levels of skill and experience. This is a developmental and recreational program where kids play on teams of 4-6 players and the parents serve as caddies. Playing sessions usually last around 60-75 minutes and additional families members are encouraged to participate as fans, spectators, and guides. This program is meant to serve as an on-course introduction to golf in a similar capacity that T-ball and Coaches Pitch serve to baseball. Learn more.

Family Learn & Play Clinics

Do you have family members that currently do not play golf but might enjoy it if they learned how to play? Don't worry! You're not alone. Our Family Learn & Play Clinics are designed to include the ENTIRE family - golfers and non-golfers too. These clinics cover the basics of how to get the club on the ball to hit a variety of different shots. And they're not just for beginners. Our inter-active curriculum is designed to help golfers of all experience and skill levels - from brand new, never played to the single-digit handicapper. Learn more.

Family Fun Rounds

This program is designed to provide families with easy access to on-course playing experiences which are both fun and affordable. Playing sessions take place on short courses that are designed to help golfers of all ages and experience levels. Learn more.