Grow Golf Now @ Greenville, SC

Grow Golf Now began operating in Greenville, SC in the Fall of 2013 under the direction of Doug Brown. Doug and George have worked closely with head golf professionals at multiple public and private golf facilities in the Greenville area. These efforts resulted in growing the program from initially 20 kids at one golf course to being able to consistently serve hundreds of children and families at multiple locations around the Greenville area throughout the year. In Greenville, Grow Golf Now currently partners with the YMCA and City of Mauldin Recreation.

*** Social Distancing and preventative measures are practiced at ALL events
2020 Fall Programs Participants

The Family Team Series and the Family Tour Series are now in-season in Greenville, SC. If you are participating in either program this fall, please use the links below to log into your member account to view your child's schedule, tee times, team assignments, and access our numerous helpful resources. 

The Family Team Series - Developmental & Fun!

The Family Team Series junior golf program is designed to introduce the game of golf to families and children ages 5-14. The idea is for the kids learn and discover the game through play which takes place on the course. Children are put into groups of 4-6 players and the parents serve as caddies, guides, mentors and of course fans. The focus of the Team Series is on spending time together as a family, making new discoveries, and most importantly... having FUN!


  • 2020 Fall Season

    • New Family Orientation: Sunday, Sep 13th

    • On-course play begins Sep 20th and concludes Nov 1st

    • Courses include Carolina Club at Botany Woods, Carolina Springs, Cross Winds, Fox Run CC, Greer CC and Legacy Pines Golf Club

    • Registration is now closed

The Family Tour Series - Intro to Competitive Golf

The Tour Series junior golf program is designed to introduce junior golfers to competitive play. This series of tournaments are designed to be fun and make for a positive learning experience. The Tour Series includes multiple playing formats such as team match play, individual match play, team stroke play, and individual stroke play. 


The Tour Series is offered during the spring season in Greenville. Players may be invited to join the Tour Series if they meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 9 years of age and up to 16 years of age

  • Minimum of 3 years of golf experience

  • Should have at least one season of the Family Team Series program

  • Should be able to drive the ball at least 75 yards

  • Should be able to score 66 or better on 9 holes

Spring 2021 Season Dates:​ TBA

Family Learn & Play/IMPACT Clinics

At Grow Golf Now, our focus on instruction is IMPACT - learning how to make better contact with the golf ball for optimal results. We help children and families learn how to train their bodies and their minds to become stronger, more flexible, and to move with better mobility. These things lead to reduced tension, improved agility and ultimately increased clubhead speed... hitting farther and straighter! 

From a physical fitness perspective, our focus of IMPACT Clinics is on improving balance, lower body stability, hip and shoulder mobility, as well as hand and wrist flexibility which all work together to culminate into the correct position at impact. To help us accomplish the ultimate impact position, we implement multiple Swing Balance tools from Tsunami Bar Sports. We also lead group clinics with a focus on golf fitness and exercise that is beneficial to golfers of all ages.


To address the mental & skill developmental side of the game, our Learn & Play Clinics provide opportunities to both learn new skills and then directly apply them on the course. These programs are designed for entire families, golfers and non-golfers alike, to participate, learn, and play TOGETHER.