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Golf for Good News

Using Golf as Vehicle for Serving Others

Golf and Charity

There is a rich tradition in golf of giving back to charitable causes. This tradition was established in part by legends such as Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus. Together, these three men have accounted for hundreds of millions of dollars being donated to charity over the last 50 years. They also have blazed the trail in establishing charitable foundations, building hospitals, and have lifted up the lives and spirits of children and families all over the world. And they did it all with the game of golf. 

Today, this tradition is honored by many top players on the PGA and LPGA Tours. And as large an impact that the professional game makes, it's just a portion of the overall impact that the game of golf has on charities. Including all levels of the game - from the PGA Tour down to your local charities, the game of golf helps to contribute over $4 BILLION each year to charitable causes. That's four billion... with a B!

Golf for Good News

At Grow Golf Now, our primary objective is to bring families and friends closer together through the game of golf. We believe this approach helps to grow relationships as well as grow the game. But we also strongly believe in the importance of demonstrating to children and families how the game of golf can be used as a vehicle for helping and serving others in need - especially within our local communities. 

Our goal in teaching our participants about how golf can be used for charity show our young people by directly involving them in the process. And our Golf for Good News campaigns are designed to use our junior golfers' games on the course to make an impact off the course. 

Fall 2018 - Mission Marianna

This fall, our Golf for Good News campaign focused on collecting supplies and raising funds to assist with the Hurricane Michael relief effort in the small town of Marianna located in the Florida panhandle. Our players and families collected and donated all kinds of helpful supplies to help the families that were displaced by the recent hurricane which ravaged the area. 

We held a fundraising effort for those who preferred like to make a financial contribution to our general campaign. 100% of ALL donated funds were either put towards the purchase of supplies for our truck or donated to the First Presbyterian Church in Marianna which operates a food and supply bank for local residents affected by the hurricane.


Our truck arrived in Marianna, FL on Friday November 2nd and we successfully made our delivery to the great people at the First Presbyterian Church. The food and supplies donated by many of our families and others made a significant impact on the lives of families whose homes and properties were ravaged by Hurricane Michael.  

downtown marrianna fl hurricane.jpg
Mission Marianna Flyer - GGN.jpg

Marianna, FL after Hurricane Michael

Mission Marianna Truck.jpg
Misson Marianna 1.jpg
Mission Marianna 3.jpg
Misson Marianna 3.jpg

Fall 2016 - Cheer for Selah 

In the fall of 2016, the Family Team Series kicked off our first ever Golf for Good News Campaign to help a local family with a little girl named Selah Grace who was suffering from a rare and aggressive form of cancer. At the time she was not quite six years old and had been through the ringer as far as treatments go. The rare condition she was suffering from required extensive travel to cancer centers all over the southeast. 

After meeting Selah Grace and her family, we were blown away and inspired by their strength, faith, and perseverance. So working with her amazing mom, we put together a plan along with a team of donors. The money was raised by our junior golfers through their effort the on the golf course - just like the pros! They earned donations for every hole they played and for every point they scored on the day of our Golf for Good News outing. 


In total, together we raised over over $2,500 for Selah Grace and her family. Those funds were given directly to the Cheer for Selah initiative which was set up by friends of her family to directly assist them with medical bills and travel expenses associated with her treatments. She is still on the road to recovery but the money we raised was a significant help to her family. 

Read more about how the Family Team Series Junior Golf Program helped Selah Grace.  

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