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Grow Golf Now Programs


We realize that getting kids started in golf can be difficult and even a little intimidating. After all, where do you even start - on the range, with lessons, what about clubs? The list of questions can seem endless. 
That's why we believe in keeping things simple. At Grow Golf Now, we believe the best place for kids to experience golf for the first time is actually on the course. And our Family Team Series program is designed to do just that - kind of like how t-ball or coach's pitch works where hte kids learn through play.
We also have several other programs meant to help players of all ages and abilities grow and develop in the game of golf - both on and off the course. You can read more below about how Grow Golf Now's programs designed for the entire family to participate, experience, and enjoy the game together.

Family Team Series

The Family Team Series program is designed to make golf fun for the entire family. Designed for kids ages 5-14 and their families, this on-course, developmental program is ideal for beginners and those who are newer to the game.


Children learn to play the game out on the course in teams of 4-6 players, with their parents or other adult family members serving as caddies, guides, and coaches. They play various team-based formats that make FUN a top priority. 


Players learn about on-course teamwork, leadership, and decision making as well as getting introduced to the basic rules & traditions of golf.

IMPACT Clinics

Nothing new comes easy, and learning to play golf is a process. To help our junior golfers progress in their journey with the game of golf, we offer multiple clinics throughout the winter and spring months that are aimed at skill development and learning proper practice techniques.


Participants in these clinics will have fun while learning proven techniques and strategies for improving their skills on the tee, around the greens, and most importantly... making solid contact with the ball.


These group clinics are fun for the entire family. In addition to skill development, we also focus on teaching participants how to best practice and learn at home.

Family Tour Series


The Family Tour Series is designed to introduce young golfers to competition in a healthy environment. This program is offered to junior golfers who have graduated from developmental programs such as the Family Team Series and are ready for the next step.


The Family Tour Series offers a mix of both individual tournaments and team competitions that are based on formats featured in the Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup and Walker Cup. Parents and family members are encouraged to participate as caddies, guides, coaches, and fans.

GGN Family Academy


The Grow Golf Now Academy is a virtual learning center to help children and families continue to grow and progress in the game of golf. This program is lead by veteran teaching professional George Bryan III and will largely focus on helping students learn how to properly learn, train, and practice both at home, on the range, and on the course. 
George's proven curriculum is designed to address the development of both physical and emotional skills that players need to master in order to move their game to the next level.  
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