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***Upcoming Clinic - Dec 23, 2019 at the George Bryan Golf Academy

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Are you looking for a way to make golf a fun activity that can be enjoyed by your entire family? Great! But what if your spouse or a child or two don't play? That's a tough one...

Don't worry! You're not alone. There are plenty of families of 4 or 5+ where only half the members plays golf. The other half of the family would play golf but maybe they don't know how, think the younger siblings aren't old enough, or flat out just don't know how to get started so that the ENTIRE family can play together.

Good news... Grow Golf Now is here to help! Our Family Learn & Play Clinics are designed to include the ENTIRE family - golfers and non-golfers too. These clinics cover the basics of how to get the club on the ball to hit a variety of different shots. And they're not just for beginners. Our inter-active curriculum is designed to help golfers of all experience and skill levels - from brand new, never played to the single-digit handicapper.

What's included in a Family Learn & Play Clinic?

Our primary objective in all Grow Golf Now programs is for ALL participants have FUN. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to keep things simple, involve games, and get everyone playing on the course. Family Learn & Play Clinics usually last 2-3 hours depending on golf facility and format. Participants will learn the following:

1. Basic motions of the golf swing & how to improve how our bodies move.

2. How to make proper or improved contact with the golf ball.

3. How to enjoy the game and have FUN as an ENTIRE family on the golf course.

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