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IMPACT Clinics at Riverside Golf Center

Columbia, SC

These group clinics are led by PGA Teaching Professional George Bryan III and take place at the Riverside Golf Center in Columbia, SC. The focus is on helping players discover how to improve the movements of their body as it relates to the golf swing. Elements of golf fitness are also addressed including how to improve balance, mobility, stability, and range of motion. Additionally, participants will engage in multiple drills designed to help them better control and release the golf club for improved ball striking.


This is a group clinic with room for up to 20 participants - NOT a traditional golf lesson.


By registering for this Grow Golf Now program, I accept full responsibility for the safety of myself and all other family members that will be present for this event. I also give permission to Grow Golf Now to use photos, videos, and quotations of myself and my family members for future marketing purposes.
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