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IMPACT Clinics: Low-intensity, golf specific training

IMPACT Clinics combine a variety of both golf general and golf specific exercises that are designed to improve mobility, balance, and tempo. These clinics also include impact conditioning exercises which are designed to help golfers understand how to achieve better club awareness, improve their release, and generate faster club speed. 

Here are more details about Grow Golf Now's IMPACT Clinics. Participants come away with a much better understanding of golf fitness as well as how to make their golf swing work better for improved impact on the ball. To participate, click on one of our locations below.

  • Led by PGA Professional George Bryan III

  • Fun, interactive, and an easy-to-understand study of the golf club's impact on the ball

  • Great for players of ALL ages and abilities

  • Improve balance, mobility, stability, coordination, and ability 

  • Discover how to best access speed, athleticism, and agility in the golf swing

  • Explore innovative techniques to better control tension and amplify feel

  • Learn how to increase club speed through discovering mind-body connections

  • Experience cutting edge golf training tools from Swing Balance/Tsunami Bar Sports

Here are the locations where IMPACT Clinics are currently being offered. Each location will publish a list of dates and times for the clinics they host.

Greenville, SC
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