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Golf Fitness: How to get more out of your game... and life!

As a golfer, how would you like to experience more of the following?

  • increased club speed

  • longer & more accurate drives

  • more greens in regulation

You don't have to look very far to see that modern golfers are training like athletes. Fitness, once a naughty word in golf, has become one of the hottest trends in the game. And this includes players of all ages and ability levels. 

The fitness goal of most golfers at the higher levels is not necessarily increasing muscles mass, but it's more about getting faster... increased club speed. In addition to increasing club speed, players also must learn to harness their power through improved balance, control, and enhanced feel. The result of all these things working together produces better IMPACT - the key to better ball flight. 

But there's much more to golf fitness than increased club speed and better impact. At Grow Golf Now, we see golf fitness as a path to wellness that many golfers need. A path to wellness includes using golf as a vehicle to leading a more healthy lifestyle. This includes putting more of a focus on healthy decisions such as proper nutrition, better hydration, and increased activity such as walking nine or eighteen holes instead of riding in a cart.  

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